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Male Teacher Ordered To Take DNA Test On Moi Girls’ Rape Saga

A male teacher has been ordered to take a DNA test by detectives following a rape saga that happened on Saturday last week at Moi Girls’ Secondary School in Nairobi.

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The man is a suspect of jointly raping about 3 girls on the late night of 2nd June 2018. The DNA test would either go his way or detectives way.

For detectives it will add more weight to their verbal submissions if the man’s DNA test matches on the fluids found on the genitals of one of the girls who was confirmed to have been raped with remains of semen on her genitals.

It is so inhuman that the terrified 15 year old student spent the whole night on the flour from 1.00am until morning when the school administration responded to the issue. All alone she was terrified and bleeding.

Two other students were assaulted around 2.00am despite raising alarm over the matter the school officials responded at around 5.00am when the strangers had left.

“Three men entered the cubicle shared by four girls. One girl managed to escape unhurt. The men then attempted to rape two other girls but they escaped, although they were beaten. One attacker managed to rape one of the girls,” the students recalled.

Even though their matron was not far away from the crime scene, she did not responded to girls who went to wake her up, instead turned up in the morning.

“We then returned to the hostel because we were scared. We could not sleep and we entered the cubicles that were near the exit. At 5am, the matron came and we told her about the incident and she called the guards and they all went to the cubicle where the victim was.

“She was found on the floor of the cubicle, bleeding and looked weak and too traumatised to talk, she was just crying. We do not know if she was gang raped or raped by one person,” a Form two student said.

The students also stated that after the matron had checked back to school, she went to the crime scene with the help of guards, confirmed the incident and took the girl to the nearby health centre after first aid.

“She came back later and asked us to continue with our normal schedule and act as if it is a normal day. She told us not to spread the news because it had not been confirmed,” another student said.

Even when the teachers arrived back at the school, they claimed there was no rape case, and went on to dismiss the girls from spreading ‘fake romours’.

Two assaulted girls who went silent on the case were promised scholarships.

“They told us that the hospital results had shown that there was no rape. They told us we had been pretending and making up stories because we wanted an early mid-term. That we did not want to sit exams,” a student claimed.

This rape incident at Moi Girls in Nairobi comes months after more than 8 students lost their lives at the same school, following a fire break out that its source was not yet known.

Several girls had been arrested on grounds of starting off the fire.



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