Meet This Lady Who Used To Sell Paw Paws Now A Millionaire

No situation is permanent. It’s only a matter of time, and all will be well no matter what you go through. We have seen a lot of people rise from grass to grace. They include the likes of celebrated gospel singer Betty Bayo, self-proclaimed millionaire Steve Mbogo, richest singer Akothee and popular city millionaire lawyer Sylvanus Osoro.


A Kenyan lady by the name Mwaniki Esther Mukami‎ has left many tongues wagging after she took to social media to narrate how far the Lord has brought her. Esther, who was once a paw seller is now the envy of many. She is a millionaire; earns a six digit figure salary and owns a car.

‘And God has brought me from selling paw paw on the road and mitumba to a 6 digit salary job. With my own car and driver.  God you will live to be praised. Thank you Jesus. You too you are going to make it.’

She posted on Facebook accompanied by her photos.

Esther-Mukami10-315x420  Mwaniki-Esther2-315x420



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