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How Much Should Be Your Lowest Earning As An Entrepreneur

As you all know, the self-employed are discharged with the aim of generating money and saving on the expenses involved in the creation of a new company. The autonomous discharge is simple, however the multiple obstacles to make it profitable to be autonomous is a big problem. The biggest problem is in the quota of self-employed because it is certainly crazy.


Although the first few months enjoy some discounts, the quota of freelancers is calculated based on several factors that we will explain in another article. It is a monthly payment and is usually high.

In Kenya the average salary of a self-employed is only Ksh.10,000 per month. A really low figure, taking into account that self-employment has hardly any tax advantages nor practically the right to Social Security.

The self-employed must face various business situations without help from anyone, with virtually no subsidies and an exorbitant fee. This explains why the number of self-employed is declining during the last years in Spain

It is true that the Government is more powerful in creating business and in some way hinders the self-employed, since it is more difficult to combat tax fraud and the underground economy for them.

The increase in tax burdens is one of the triggers of this low average wage for the self-employed. For example, a large part of the receipts of the self-employed have 21% VAT, not as in companies. In addition, the quarterly payment of the Physical Income Tax also means a large decrease in the average salary for an autonomous.



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