NMG Terminates Contract With Government Critic David Ndii

If you have been a fan of David Ndii’s Saturday Nation column by David Ndii, this will be bad news for you.

This is after Nation Media announced that they had ended his contract with the pro-NASA activist come writer.

Ndii has been a strong critic of the government, last year he was gunning votes to seek Kenya get separated into two countries, Central Kenya and People’s Republic.

The act by NMG comes few days after they denied Larry Madowo a chance to write for and publish an article on his weekly column Front Row.

His article titled ‘Why it is perilous time to be a journalist in Kenya’ was later published by CNN.

Romours have been quickly flowing that the media house owned by Aga Khan family is planning to sell NMG to Uhuru Kenyatta who already owns Media Max.

If this is true and comes to pass, Kenyans would only see truth through the back-burner

The act angered his faithful readers.




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