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PAWA 254 Using A Brush To Fight For Climate Change

PAWA 254 and Collection of Green Sun Cities are passionate about Climate change and the danger that it poses to our country and a continent and we are doing something about it!

pawa 254 using brush to fight for climate change

Today we held the ‪#‎ArtistsForClimateChange‬ planning meeting.

We’re getting Artists together to do amazing work as part of an advocacy campaign towards the participation of both individuals and governments as a whole.

We will have an exhibition of different forms of art-graffiti, photographs, music, poetry, paintings and much more in three weeks time!

We promise to keep you updated! Climate change is a cause that we should all be taking you about and we hope you will be a part of this great journey.

We’re excited about this great new avenue that we’re taking! Watch this space!



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