People Who Sleep More Hours Are More Adorable Than Those Who Sleep Less

A group of psychologists found out that people who lacked sleep were not only considered less attractive and healthier, but also less desirable to socialize. Reason is the product of evolution: dark circles, wrinkles, doughy mouth and other symptoms that you have slept little, lead to think to the rest that you are a sick person, which will unconsciously want to get away from you all possible. According to Tina Sundelin of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, “if someone looks unhealthy, people tend to shy away from this person.”

Many researches have found a number of reasons for avoiding sleep deprivation: it makes us pessimistic and less sociable, it makes a dent in our empathy for others, makes us less understanding, and increases the likelihood of accidents. It is also proven that lack of rest makes people more irritable.

To reach these conclusions, Sundelin and his colleagues photographed 25 people after two nights of normal sleep and, again, after two who had slept only four hours. When they had the images, they asked 122 people to evaluate the photos taking into account their attractiveness, health, drowsiness and honesty. The volunteers who looked at the photos acknowledged that they were not in the business of relating to those who had not rested properly, considering them less attractive, healthier and, of course, too sleepy.

According to the researchers, “sleep loss has an impact on the way other people judge us, so prioritizing our sleep is not a bad idea.



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