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Reasons Why Musicians Are Naturally Entrepreneurs

When many people think of music industry, they just ponder on performers, songwriters, and composers. And they think that is all.

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In its essence, business is the process of creating and sharing value. To do so successfully, whether creating an album; building a software platform; performing, teaching, composing, or opening a restaurant, one has to look at and apply the fundamentals entrepreneurs use for a success.

So what are these key things all musicians possess that actual put them on the scales of successful entreprenuers.

We look at these 6 characteristics inform of questions of music management that clearly show it is a source of an entrepreneurial adventure .

• Target audience. Who are your customers? Where do they hang out?

How do they want to engage with you?

• Product to customer. How does your business create value? What need does

your product or service meet? What problem are you


• Profit making venture. How will you take in more money than you spend?

•Staying and surviving in business.  How will you address competition and future disrup-

tion? What makes you unique and how will you continue

to innovate?

• Team management How will you build and manage a team to realize your


• Sales And Marketing How will people find out about you, become your fans,

and stay connected?


Perhaps that explains why music has been an ever competitive market to venture into. And most people who join with a blind eye to the above questions never see the light at the end of the tunnel.



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