Samsung Explains Why Its Devices Are Exploding

After months of research by Samsung and the promise to its investors and users to be able to determine the real causes of the Galaxy Note 7 blasts later this year, the company has discovered the reason that caused that failure in the batteries of its equipment.

Samsung sent its findings to two outside research centers: a testing laboratory in Korea and the UL security organization. The company has stated that it is not yet ready to make known to the press the results of its investigation, but states that it will certainly do so before the end of 2016.

On the other hand, the head of the mobile business of Samsung, Ko Dong-jin, made a request to all employees of the company that have access to this information, reiterating to them the commitment that Samsung has with its investors and users, so it waits That the findings will not be filtered until it is not the company itself that reports the results.

This is due to the fact that in recent months information has been leaked to the media about product design and business strategies, something that in Ko Dong-jin’s opinion affects the company. Recently we have known thanks to these leaks the possible characteristics and date of presentation of Galaxy S8.

For now we only have to wait a few days for Samsung to make official the result of its investigations, although it should be remembered that the firm Instrumental did a separate study to determine the cause of the explosions of Note 7, whose conclusions were that the design “risky “And the battery so thin caused batteries designed by Samsung SDI and ATL China to explode.



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