Samsung Are Looking To Launch A Foldable Smartphone – Galaxy X

For months, rumors have surfaced about Samsung’s new smart device: a flexible smartphone called Galaxy X. Undoubtedly, a remarkable innovation of all the phones that are currently available in the market.

Rumors about the arrival of the new smartphone have indicated that during the year 2017 we could see this new release. In the first instance, it was believed that the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy X would take place in January during CES in Las Vegas, or at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

ETNews, a Korean news portal, said that Samsung would be currently working on the final stage of development of its smartphone with flexible display and that the prototype could be ready for presentation in the third quarter of the year, so there would be a chance to see it In September during the IFA 2017 in Berlin, the most important technology fair in Europe.

At the moment, Samsung will be dedicated to test the quality and performance of the prototypes internally in order to check the answers of the markets beforehand. The South Korean company did not present its highly acclaimed Galaxy S8 during the Mobile World Congress, but there was speculation the announcement of the new smartphone folding.

The new foldable mode could mark and revolutionize the future of the Galaxy range that we have always known, so it will be necessary to wait for the relevant prototypes to be tested before the smartphones go into mass manufacturing.

It should be noted that until September, the prototypes would be seen, but it would be until 2018, when the company began its commercialization at a global level, according to the ETNews report.

Samsung has as a primary objective the fact of providing users with a smartphone with high technological quality, that is why the development of this novel concept could take more months than expected.

Of course, while consumers feel latent impatience, they should realize that such a product with a truly original design will require time to make it real. Flexibility could be the savior of innovation in the mobile industry, as it is now a declining sector, rather than the opposite.



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