Social Media Adds Weight On News Reporting

Social networks have conquered us. Today we talk about them in all areas. Many talks at parties and meetings have to do with what social networks show, things that friends and relatives wrote and, in one way or another, we are becoming more and more everyday.

Facebook is the dominant social network when it comes to news. But there is an increase in other platforms like Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube. In 2017, 74% of Twitter users say they are informed through this microblogging network and perhaps this Twitter boom is because Trump, the American president is a regular Twitterer. YouTube, on the other hand, 32% report that the news sees them in the most popular site of videos in the world. Last year, only 17% of people were reported.

With regard to Snapchat, 29% of users say they report on this network. This is almost double what happened in 2016, where it only had 17%. This should be an interesting guide for those looking to invest in these technologies or sites.

The study where all these data are given also speaks of demographic information of the sample. For example, Snapchat has the youngest user base that along with Instagram, also share the largest number of non-white users on social media channels. it is striking that the study focuses on this issue of races.



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