The right hand side of god

The right hand side of god

He lured her into the nearby maize plantation and cupped her mouth with her large rough palm,
His right hand tore her blouse,
Her flat chest did not stop his raging hormones,
He pinned her down on the ground and sank his claws inside her tiny pant,
Blood oozed from the tiny hole above her hymen,
He tore her pants and forcefully thrusted his ugly penile head inside her,tearing her hymen apart!
Blood gushed from her tiny womanhood,and soaked his hairy groin!

After cumming inside her,he pulled his flaccid manhood out,
Pouring the remaining dirty discharge on her young thighs,
Her pleading teary eyeballs that threatened to bulge out did not startled him,
He pressed his two thumbs on her throat so hard that thick saliva drooled from her widely opened mouth,
He gripped his muscled hands and gritted his tarnished teeth,
He watched as life escaped her young nine year old body!

We found her lying on the ground,legs spread apart,
Semen was smeared on her thighs,
Her blood soaked torn pant hanged on the nearby maize plant,
Her flat chest has nail scratch marks,
Her head dangled on her sore neck,eyes wide open with numerous blood vessels visible on her white eyeballs,
Blood that had clotted in the muscles that got overpowered in the heat of the struggle!

She was young,
She had dreams of becoming a nurse,
But apparently she asked for fish and was given a stone,
Let’s hope she is sitting on the right hand side of god,the throne!

By Ordinary Mind



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