Top 10, 2017 Celebs With Most Followers On Twitter- Part 2


Twitter is the simplest social media platform after Facebook and WhatsApp, yet it is so powerful than the two accounts which command hordes of followers.

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If you got about 20K twitter followers, you are actually a big opinion maker on Twitter. And you command several hashtags, which makes your influence go high, something that moves from Twitter to the actual houses and offices.

Have a look at the following top 10 personal accounts, which command the highest following in 2017

11.Dennis Itumbi 450K

Government’s digital director, Itumbi used to be in the same class of Alai and Nyakundi until he was employed by the government

12.Victor Wanyama 233K

Highest paid Kenyan, he has a huge number of followers from Premier League, with another multitude of followers from Kenya. Wanyama has gone to history books, and he is still being written into more books

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