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Top 10 Most Successful Musical Entrepreneurs In The World- Part 2

Being successful in life has been a dream for everyone. And it has demanded the few who have dared to venture into one of the only sure way of success, entrepreneurship and musicians have also had a good fruit in this game of numbers and money.

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We look at some of the top 10 famous entrepreneurs who came from the music art industry in the world. Showing that they can actually still survive even if music failed them.

7.Victoria Beckham

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She launched her own beauty shop where she designed her own line of clothing, spanning form bags to jeans and dresses.


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Beyoncé made House of Deréon into a popular worldwide brand by promoting it on “Oprah” and “The Tyra Banks Show.” Beyoncé even snuck a plug into one of her songs, singing “Shake your derriere in them Deréons” on the track “Get Me Bodied.”

9.Queen Latifa

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Just like her female celebs, she has ventured into fashion and beuty shps, She introduced her on make up line. Besides owns several recording shops.

10.Alicia Keys

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A 24-year old Alicia Keys started her own production company and signed a deal to produce a sitcom for the CW Network. Keys, who has been described as a “workaholic” and an “independent person,”

11. Kanye West

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Kanye has set up his own record label (GOOD Music) and written a book (Thank You and You’re Welcome! – due in 2008)

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