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Has TV Star Brenda Mulinya Bleached?

Bleached men and ladies are more a common sight than ages ago. However, this has not diminished nor taken away the suspicious and judgmental views directed to those who undertake the process. It is usually seen as a vain act, pointing to insecurities and lustful desires. The number of people who have had their bleaching procedures backfiring certainly has not helped matters.


Society’s admonishment of those who opt for bleaching has seen a couple of innocent people being lambasted as soon as someone judges them to be of a lighter skin shade than they previously were. Perhaps it is with this in mind that popular reporter Brenda Mulinya stirred the hornet’s nest sharing her two distinct photos daring anyone of accuse her of bleaching.

Whether anyone had previously suspected her or she was just insecure is not known but her statement is leading. Here are two Brenda Mulinya’s photos 7 years apart , do you think she has bleached or it is just as she puts it…God’s blessing…

“Haters will say it’s bleaching, I say it’s God’s blessings plus a much better phone 📷 #7years difference”




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