Twitter To Remove The Video Feature From Its Apps Soon

As we know, since Twitter acquired Vine, things have not been going well for the company; Apparently the social network has not known how to project the application and small social network of short videos. Last year they began to hear the rumors that Twitter would close Vine definitively and those rumors became reality.

Through its website and the application itself Vine has been urging users to constantly back up all their videos created with the application because the closure would be imminent. Even Vine and Twitter launched a tutorial so users could back up or save all the information they had created by the time Vine worked.

And now, finally Twitter has announced the definitive closure of the microvideos social network for this January 17.

Facebook has made a big dent in the creation of video content in recent years. While YouTube continues to be the king of video content, Mark Zuckerberg has seriously raised a rather radical turn to the content of his platform by driving the creation of video content.

It is sad news that a service with so many users has to close due to lack of interest of the parent company and excess of competition in the niche. Twitter has the Periscope application as the main source of streaming video streaming, but it may have been merged with Vine so that its disappearance was not so clear.

Vine will continue to function as an application, however, the service that provided as a social network will be completed on January 17. The new app will be called Vine Camera and will work much like it does now.



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