4 Ways To Evaluate If It Is The Time To Release The Swimming Pool And Create A Company.

Many of us enjoy or suffer, as you look at it, the call of an inner voice that tells us that we would have to be doing something different from what we are doing.


This is the voice of entrepreneurship, which can be activated when we are doing something that does not fulfill our expectations. Many people work so they do not feel it and do not become active.

They are the conformists. Others throw themselves without thinking as they follow their cry. We are talking about the reckless.

There is an intermediate point, neither one thing nor the other: entrepreneurship. This action is an attitude towards life and goes beyond the world of business. It will be necessary, then, to make your thoughts present and to analyze with objective determination its content.

When you hear the voice inside you, clearly define the proposal and make a list with the following parameters to evaluate:

1.- Strengths: advantages of the idea.

2.- Weak points: inconveniences of the idea.

3.- Opportunities: what positive options are created.

4.- Threats: what risks I am assuming.

Working on this method (known as the SWOT study) will help you to reflect and visualize the actual situation of the project. Your ideas can be shared with others, who will help you clarify the project.

What business idea has crossed your mind? Have you analyzed it with this method?



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