Women Prefer The Smell Of Men Who Eat A Lot Of Fruit

Undoubtedly having a body odor that is not unpleasant is essential when trying to seduce someone. And, a study by researchers at the University of Macquarie in Australia found that women found the smell of men eating more fruits and vegetables more appealing.

The researchers conducted an experiment using a spectrophotometer, a device that uses light to detect the presence of carotenoids in the skin of male volunteers. These are pigments responsible for the color of oranges and lemons, and can be found in the skin of people who eat many fruits, although they are imperceptible to the human eye.

The researchers then asked the volunteers to exercise intensively until they began to sweat, and then several women were asked to smell the sweat and issue a verdict.

And the result was that they found more pleasant the smell of the men who ate a lot of fruit and vegetables. On the contrary, the smell of the men who consumed many carbohydrates gave them rejection. In an intermediate place was the one that ate a lot of meat that, although not perceived as unpleasant, was more intense than that of those who followed a more vegetable diet.



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