10 ‘Abnormal’ Jobs That Actually Exist

You can get a job through a career education pursuit or via living up with your God given talent. It will be safe to say that any job that falls out of this spectrum is not a job but rather something else.

With that in mind, let us find some of such jobs that are from not the usual world.

1.Armpit sniffer.

Sniffers spent hours on hot or indoor activities sniffing around sweat bodies via their armpits. There core work being to spot how effective is a particular deodorant is effective and write a report.

They otherwise help the world smell better.

2.Nude Model

Models spent bulks of hours before art and drawing men with a pose. You don’t need a perfect body, you just need confidence and composure of exposing all you got to a few art dudes infront of you.

3.Stunt Tester

Companies hire stunt testers to test the latest entrant of food into the market. And one of the tasks is to take down the most disgusting food samples. For that risk, they are well paid.

4.Worm Pickers

It is such a crazy job, to walk in muddy swamps picking worms so that when a fisherman man walks into your shop, you got something to sell to him.

5.Body Part Model

Did you know that being ugly can earn you a living than that handsome or good looking fellow. Besides some companies are looking for people with either good looking or bad looking part of our body parts.

6.Snake Milkers

If you thought you had the most dangerous job, you have not met snake milkers who spent lots of hours trying to milk off venom from snakes which is then used to antivenom drugs. They save us by milking snakes

7.Line Standers

If you don’t like standing on long ques, you are not alone. But there is someone who already thought ahead of you to solve your problem.

Line standers are well paid to stand on long lines for more than 19 hours of waiting.

8.Bed Tester

As the name suggest, they are paid to test beds and sofas, this seems like a dream job for those who love sleeping, but no, the testers must write a good report about their findings

9.Pet Food Tester

They come in handy to ensure that pets do not that eat bad or poorly made food. They do that by eating part of the pet’s food

10.Professional Mourners

They are available on just a call away, they do come in handy when you want to hype a funeral service via means of wailing, screams and cryings.

They are good in funerals of prominent people such as politicians







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