10 Article Writing Websites That Pay Good Money And Are Easy To Work With

Freelance Writing is the talk of the town. It is the new way folks are making money living. For a little motivation, let me first give you an estimate of how much you have missed. This is a personal story. When I began, I had no prior knowledge how it works.


I just created an account with one of the many academic writing website and within a week, I made my first ever $100. End of story. Yes, Just that easy. All I needed was my laptop and Internet connection. Now, any freelancer out there knows that $100 a week is peanuts for all the established freelancers. The truth is that you can make thousands of dollars a month. The question however, is how do you start?

Decide between Academic or Article Writing

Freelance Writing is a bundle of many things but the most popular are Article writing and Academic Writing. Article writing involves writing content for websites while Academic writing is focused on educational writing such as academic essays, reports etc. Academic writing is more lucrative of the two, at least for me. If you decide to do Article Writing, you need to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing While for Academic, you need to know writing styles. There are many articles about SEO writing on the Internet which you can get with a simple Google search. For writing styles, Purdue Owl provides the best resources about the styles.

Register With a Trusted Freelance Writing Website

There are over 50 freelance Writing websites that you can register with and start earning money with. Most are from oversees with a few owned by Kenyans. The one that I have tried that employs article writers is iWriter.com. There are however many more others and I am going to have a full list at the end of the article. There even are far more academic writing websites. The best according to what many freelancers claim is Uvocorp which pay as high as $26/page. It is best in terms of workload and even pay rates. You can either register for the account or opt to buy one from many of the brokers out there. I will again give a list of other trusted accounts in the academic section. As a freelancer, however, I recommend Homeworkmarket to be the starting point of any newbie out there. It is easy to create an account with them and will also give you an ample time to learn a few rules in the game before you take on bigger projects. That is all you need know. With this knowledge and a bit dedication you will be making your firs dollar in no time. You might also need to know how you will withdraw your first dollar from PayPal to M-Pesa, so check out our article: PayPal Withdrawal Channels in Kenya on that. Otherwise, check out the following top websites that you can make money at.

Article Writing Websites

  1. iWriter.com
  2. PayPerContent.net
  3. TheContentAuthority.com
  4. Ezdia.com
  5. DotWriter.com
  6. WriteLearnEarn.com
  7. KeyBlogging.com
  8. talent.studiod.com

Academic Writing Websites

  1. Homeworkmarket.com
  2. Uvocorp.com
  3. WriteDom.com
  4. ResearchWritingCenter.com
  5. Edusson.com
  6. essaywriters.net
  7. writersPH.com
  8. bluecorp.com
  9. writerslabs.com
  10. Academia-Research.net
  11. academicexperts.us

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