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10 Books Entrepreneurs Should Read Before Venturing In to Business

The books are great advisors and guides for entrepreneurs; especially when they are written by leaders and entrepreneurs who have traveled long and diverse paths to success, leaving behind each printed word great teachings and valuable secrets.

At High Level we share the best business and entrepreneurship books that can help you identify opportunities and develop your strengths as an entrepreneur.

Originals – Adam Grant (How the protesters move the world)

Albert Einstein said it years ago, “if you look for different results, do not always do the same”, but how to break with the cycle of what should be and what, imagination as normal and correct?

In Originals, Adam Grant, encourages us to innovate and dare, putting aside prejudice and fear of failure, while exploring decisive and disruptive moments in the history of companies and projects in which a good idea, despite going against the established, changed its course.

Autopsy of a creative company – Mario F. Retana

Many companies in the music industry, production, design, architecture or communication have become extinct shooting stars in the sky after completing a cycle in which they failed to establish themselves financially.

In Autopsy of a creative company, Mario F. Retana was given the task of analyzing for five years the activity of more than a hundred companies in the creative sector, conducting a thorough study of their economic processes.

As a result, the author offers you the tools to materialize your dream without putting aside the economic and financial aspect of the creative industry, summarizing the qualities and successes of those that survived against those that vanished after not generating the required income.

Titans – Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss, famous for his podcast The Tim Ferriss Show, in which he has interviewed more than 200 personalities, gathers in this book the advice of Titans of business among which are Tony Robbins, Chris Sacca, Malcolm Gladwell and Arnold Schwarzenegger compiling the routines, techniques and behaviors that led them to stand out from the rest, showing that small details make the difference.

Never stop – Phil Knight

It will never hurt to follow the steps taken by a business leader whose brand has become a universal reference. Phil Knight, creator of the world-famous brand, Nike, narrates throughout this biography the story behind his iconic sports footwear company that started with only $ 50 and currently invoices more than 30 billion a year.

In Never stop, Knight shares the experiences, difficulties and learnings I have gone through to create one of the most recognized brands of today.

The upstars – Brad Stone

After the boom of large companies such as Uber and Airbnb, this book becomes indispensable for those entrepreneurs who want to change the rules under which traditional businesses work.

While the transformation is already happening around the world, it is still possible to get on the wave and in this book, Brad Stone, through practical and inspiring advice, motivates the reader and entrepreneur to empower their ideas and monetize them.

Principles – Ray Dalio

Even Bill Gates has praised this book in which Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, intends, in his own words, to help the businessman to get what he really wants, prompting him to think for himself and above all to make decisions from the truth and of our objectives.

Throughout Principles, Dalio, provides a guide for the manager that will fill it with advice ranging from hiring, evaluation and training of staff, to the management of your expectations as a leader of a large machinery and the ability to identify and solve problems.

Real Artists Do not Starve – Jeff Goins

If you are a painter, a writer or an entrepreneur who is starting your business and you wonder how to survive while you start your dream, in this book you will discover 12 strategies to make money from the art you create and in general from your work .

Creatives of any kind will find in this book a guide to success and although at times Goins’ book could come to seem to be idealistic text, the truth is that it gathers practical and effective tips to monetize your ideas.

Hug your haters – Jay Baer

In an era in which much of the business-client interaction happens online, learning to channel the feedback of your users becomes a tool, and even a weapon, of vital importance.

While we cannot control or censor the famous “haters” who rant on social networks regarding our product, service or company; According to Baer, ​​we can transform to customer’s claims to a positive number for our company and turn to reliable spokespersons for your brand. How? Remove simple: responding to your complaints.

And it is that, if there is something that bothers a user more than the failure in the service or product that has acquired, it is feeling ignored.

Are you essential? – Seth Godin

We are all part of a society in which material goods are not the only, nor the main, well interchangeable because thanks to, and because of, the digital tools that we have, individuals have become a product more than industry and business.

In this book Seth Godin, will provide you with a guide to identify and highlight your abilities in order to distinguish yourself from the rest and become an essential element, making the most of your knowledge and experience.

Superbosses – Sydney Finkelstein

Although there are many leaders, we all know that in reality there are very few who manage to fulfill fully what the title requires; from administration, leadership, experience and knowledge, to charisma and leadership, among many other things. However, only a true leader recognizes the importance of maintaining a good team of collaborators around him.

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