10 Celebs Who Said ‘I Do’ For The Second Time

Love is not always rosy, but finding the best mate in love is a dream for all everyone if not all. The below celebs only found love from a rocky relationship to a rosy ground.

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1.Erick Omondi And Shantell

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Romours hit out that Erick Omondi was in love with another woman other than his wife Stantelle. Stantelle ended up busting him up with a couple of love messages with his marriage cheater. The couple later reconciliated and moved on

2.Dennis Okari and Betty Kyalo

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After a much publicised wedding and honeymoon, TV boy and girl never made it far unless for the kid they sired before wedding, lucky enough they got back to their knees and prayed to God for a good love again. We happy for their best love

3.Zari Hassan And Diamond Platnumz

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After the burial of his former Husband, Zari went on to party with friends of late Ivan Ssemwanga, an act that pricked painfully Diamonds love vein, after a showdown on the media, they all came back together and did a deluxe wedding

4.Akothee and Mzungu

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Akothee went astray with her white old man when she refused to commi herself to love and wedding, stating that her music career and hobby was wanting. But later on they went ahead and re-united together

5.Kathy Kiuna and Allan Kiuna

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After Kiuna had ordered a jet from abroad, another romour came on claiming that he had made a church woma pregnant other htan his wife Kathy, the couple had to do a public reunification by going out for a tour


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