10 Cheaper Ways You Can Still Enjoy Your Christmas Holiday

That beautiful moment that many expect after 3 arduous months of work to go to relax to the beach, the mountain or to know other cities or countries. Yes, there are few who stay in the city of origin, and many who forget training!

Do not do it! You do not need to be on top of performance, that’s why we present 10 things that you should and should not do on this bridge of Christmas. Sprinkle them!

1. Cross-training. Vacations or bridges can be the perfect pretext for resting your legs, add recreational activities so you do not feel that you are leaving aside physical activity.

2. Light trot. Make sure you do not leave the race aside, if you are somewhere like the mountain or the beach, take the opportunity to lose yourself for a while and know how to run the area.

3. Run in sand. Forget this! It is true that it is an activity that is enjoyed a lot, but is not ideal for running because of the uneven terrain, could cause an injury.

4. Exceed the party. It is true that you are going on vacation, but remember that you must return to the routine the following Monday and your body will suffer if you exceed.

5. Overeating. Yes! We want to try everything, savor the typical meals, but there is no need to overdo it. Look for dishes that are as close to your diet as possible and do not overdo it.

6. Forget the family / couple. It sounds contradictory, but it’s also good that you leave those hour sessions aside. Relax with family and enjoy your time with them.

7. Know yourself. It is a good place to take a day of massages, treat some mild injury that afflicts you and know how your body works. Do an analysis with balance exercises to know which area you should work. We assure you that the abdomen will raise the hand as the protagonist.

8. Leave the stopwatch. If you do not want to stop running, perfect, keep up the activity. But one of the days off, forget about the stopwatch and go out to enjoy a light trot or a walk somewhere you do not know.

9. Get on the bike. You do not need to spend on a bike, in many places there are rents of bikes to explore, get on one and enjoy the scenery, you will continue to get benefits for your performance and the better, your legs will have a break from the race.

10. Enjoy the sea. Perfect activity to move all muscles, maintain your cardiovascular level and relax your legs. If you are on the beach, take advantage of activities such as snorkeling, diving or simply swimming.



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