10 Commandments Of Living Together As A Couple

How beautiful is love until coexistence arrives. Almost all couple relationships are directed towards the same place: living together.

Living together can be a very attractive idea, but reality is much more expensive to swallow.

We have the keys to living together as a couple.

1 You will love your lover above all things, at least until the moment when he/she presents features of being metamorphosed into a toad. It can happen, it usually happens.

2 You will not take your lovers name lightly. Call him/her with affectionate nicknames and use compound name only when there is a problem of a couple of those who make history.

3 You will sanctify the naps. Naps are sacred for a happy couple togetherness. Do not let your lover destroy you with the television set or pretending to go shopping at that moment.

4 You will honor the parents. To you and to him and the best way to do it is to see them as little as possible. Forget Sunday meals at mom’s house or at the mother-in-law’s house.

5 You will not kill the passion. Make sure that the spark of passion never goes out, do not let the routine get between the sheets, but be careful, that the effort is shared.

6 You will commit all the impure acts that are in your hands to commit with your partner. In your hand, in your mind, looking for new ideas. Any impure act will make you feel great as a couple.

7 You will not steal the dreams and illusions of your partner trying to change or transform their way of being. And for nothing in the world, let him do it with you.

8 You will not tell lies. Never. If you want a happy coexistence, you cannot enter your home, neither for your part nor for yours. At the first lie, prepare the move.

9 You will not consent to disrespect, nonsense or insults on your part. Learn to discuss in a healthy way without your dignity being affected.

10 You will not covet other people’s phones. The mobile phone is a personal and non-transferable object and the same can be said of its accounts in social networks. Zero gossip on the part of both if you want this coexistence to work.

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