10 Documents Con-Artists Are Using To Steal Money From Jobless Kenyans

There are genuine strangers out here who can help you secure a better job, but they are so few and not easy to spot.

This is because the job market search has been infiltrated by conmen, whom they law has failed to prosecute and save thousands of Kenyans who fall pray their vices.

Just like the bird learnt to fly without resting on a tree, so did the hunter learn to shoot without missing. This is to imply that their tricks always grow every moment their old charms become noticed.

However we have compiled the most common kind of tricks they use to con job seekers using documents.

Conmen would demand money from you so as to help you process or bypass these documents, but the moment they receive their money, that’s it, everything from their will be suspicious until you come to the reality of being conned.

Here are key documents conmen would demand from you, and if not pretend to be in a capacity to help you get them or get special attention.

  1. Certificate of Good Conduct
  2. Medical Certificate
  3. Food Handling Certificate
  4. CRB Clearance Certificate
  5. HELB Clearance Certificate
  6. Job Card
  7. KRA PIN certificate
  8. NHIF Card and NSSF Card
  9. Medical Cover or Insurance Card
  10. Driving License

Logically getting these documents could take you time, but the pain of getting them is better compared to the pain of getting conned in hope of bypassing the required process.

Bottom line, never pay for those documents unless you are insane!

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