10 Easy Business Ideas For University Students

The University time is an amazing time in our lives where we begin to build our carries, we are able to leave on our own, make new friends, discover our passions and talents and many more things. It is a time when we discover the value of money and tend to gain a lot of interest in it ; more often than not, we discover that all our expenses are not met by the money we budget for or are given to us by our parents, guardians or the government. It’s often hard to find a descent paying job as a full time student because our priority is academics. But what if you could make good extra income on your own schedule by starting up a business?


Here are some of the ideas;


This is one of the easiest and quickest way to start earning. If your gifted in writing, that is news, gossip, politics, fiction etc. you can begin a blog and get lots of traffic in your website, then begin earning from google, pay pal or even companies who would like to advertise on your site.


With the current error of social media, advertisement has gone online. Campus students who are able to attract many followers on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook can begin advertising on the social media pages and earn from it.


This can be done both on and off campus. Students love to look good but their tight schedules usually don’t give them time to do their laundry or rather most of them are lazy. If you have no problem of getting your hands wet, then you can consider a laundry business. Fortunately, this does not require intellect even capital.


In our current world, computer literacy is such a basic requirement. Most people are not able to operate their devices and   need people to train them. This can be done a personal level or even college or school (primary/high school) level. With such knowledge, you can offer training to people and get paid.


As other set of people, College and university students have a strong fashion sense. They always want to look good and impress. They have a budget for clads in their rosters. Bringing a boutique, cloth shop near school, hawking them not left out, one can get a good market and a great income


Photography is also an upcoming field. It earns people a lot of money. With the reign of Instagram and Pinterest (social-media sites) most people like taking professional pictures. With great knowledge of photography, one can attract many people including models to take pictures of them.


Youths and students love events be it academics, spiritual, physical or even social. Having great Ideas, you can organize one of the best events in town which may attract a great audience. Planning outstanding events can earn you a great reputation in the field and earn you good money.


In this error, each and every company needs a website. So many of them don’t! Web design is self is not difficult and one can learn it. WordPress and Joomla have made it easy to create websites. Clients can as well maintain their sites once it is set up. It’s something easy to learn and implement especially for those interested in this field.


If you have ever been in a student-dominated environment before, you must have seen the rate at which the students flood photocopy centers. Every day students need to print assignments, photocopy notes, textbooks, handouts or other documents. This shows the demand for print photocopying services


Starting up a tutoring service for students struggling with subjects your excelling. You can as well help people out with essays and projects by proofreading or editing their work. This can be a good way of earning income as well as well as improving your competence in that particular subject


Many companies need software applications. Already set up companies charge a lot on software development. With the knowledge of making customized software, one can be able to earn from it and grow a great reputation in applications and software development. With the great income in s/w development, one can then start a company which may later grow to be the in-thing.

These are just a peep to some working business ideas for students. Everyone has great ideas, but few turn their ideas into concepts. If you have a concept and you think it can build you, start it up and give it your best shot. “The only barrier to growth is self-imposed” Owning your own business is beneficial in that it gives you the opportunity to be in control, make a difference in your life, challenge your skills, abilities, creativity and make you reach your full potential.

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