10 Facts You Did Not Know About Slahver Lwangu

Slahver Lwangu may not be your house hold name, but he is infact the name behind most of those house hold names.














His work is widely seen instead of his face.

Check out some facts about him.

  1. Slahver Lwangu aka Slahver is a PR manager who  owns a PR firm known as Black Wings PR
  2. Slahver Lwangu is also a Deejay, better known as DJ Slahver.
  3. He is a manger of most of musicians you actually know in Kenya
  4. He has managed big names such as Wahu, Jua Kali, Vivian, Wyre, Naiboi, Romy Jons
  5. He has also brought up young talents to fame.
  6. His earliest form of work began in 2015 with the likes of Nameless and R-Kay
  7. He loves Gym, partying and traveling
  8. Ladies think that he is hunk and handsome!
  9. When most people like him are looking for fame , he has sort to maintain a low profile
  10. His nickname is Slahver!




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