10 Facts You -Probably- Didn’t Know About Talia Oyando

Talia Oyando has been a media figure as well as a house hold name for quite sometime now, and judging from the situation, very few of her fans know all the below 10 facts about her.

Let us look at the 10 facts you should know about Talia Oyando

  1. Talia Oyando has been largely known as a TV host and a fiery Radio presenter
  2. She hosted a reggae show on Citzen TV dubbed One Love
  3. She has also been hosting morning show on Homeboyz Radio dubbed Juice
  4. Besides, she hosted several showbizz shows on NTV, VJ and MTV
  5. She has also had a successful music career where she was featured in by big names such as like Goldenchyl, the late E-sir, CMB Prezzo, A.Y from Tanzania, and Rizla
  6. Her top songs include Rasta and Jambo Rafiki, the latter won an Emmy award in 2001
  7. Her dad, Maurice Oyando was a music producer, who is said to be the inspiration behind her success
  8. Talia Oyando got married to Ezekiel Onyango in 2010 who is a film and television director and the CEO of Film Crew in Africa
  9. She celebrates her birthdays on every 26th of February
  10. She is also a proud mother



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