10 Facts You Didn’t Know Michael Njogo, President Uhuru’s Photocopy

In these world, it is estimated that everyone has got at least 6 lookalikes who are alive at the moment.

Only those lookalikes who are lucky, are able to cross paths, and with the invention of social media, so many have crossed paths.

And recently, social media helped President Uhuru Kenyatta spot his look alike Michael Njogo Gitonga .

Here are some cool facts about Njogo

  1. Njogo is a married man and father of three kids
  2. He lives in Nairobi’s Eastland state, Umoja
  3. He hails in the same area as President Uhuru Kenyatta, in Gatundu.
  4. He says that he has never come close to President Uhuru, neither the first family
  5. But his mother worked as in Gatundu as security officer
  6. Njogo is a mason by profession, but his job hunting failed and opened a bar in Umoja, however it was closed down during tough COVID-19 measures announced by his lookalike
  7. In Umoja where he lives, he has been nicknamed ‘Uhunye’
  8. He was also arrested when he was found out during curfew hours in the wake of COVID-19 measures
  9. He has a wish to meet with the President hoping that his life will be changed forever
  10. On his relations with the first family, he says that only his late mother knows his true father

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