10 Kenyan Female Celebs Who Look Like Dolls

Dolls are clear ct replica of human beings which are entirely used as toys by young kids. And young girls fancies dolls than boys.


Besides these replicas, we have got Kenyan celeb females who at first look like dolls, and their lovely cute eyes and facial expressions normally stand out.

Have a look at them below.


chantelle 1

Her actual name Winnie Wambui Naisula seems to have majored into fashion than she did with music before her hit ‘Tokelezea’. Chentelle is a slayer in making

2.Bridget Shighadi

bridget shigadi 1

Fashionista come model, she is a woman of her own fashion word, Word has it that she is also a socialite but not a bimbo

3.Huddah Monroe

huddah 5

A slayer and a socialite, high end prostitute is another name for her enemies. But Huddah is another kind of a blessed doll any many would wish to cuddle and caress.

4.Vera Sidika

vera sidika

Vera Sidika latest photo clearly points out that she is not sleeping until she gets that fancied doll looking. And the top paid socialite is just awesome

5.Ciru Muriuki

Image result for ciru muriuki

She is the current head of The Trend show at NTV after Larry Madowo hanged his boots. Ciru has dread locks but she is still a cute doll to boot




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