10 Free Courses From Linkedin And Microsoft To Find Employment In 2021

The pandemic accelerated digital processes in companies. The transformation that businesses will face will be accompanied by a new demand for talent skills .

Technical knowledge, but also skills such as creativity, adaptation to change and continuous learning will be more in demand in companies to take advantage of new opportunities in the

Therefore, people must be attentive to the new skills that companies will demand to train and improve their employability.

But workers also have to identify the new business models to which their companies will move and develop the skills with which they can adapt to changes

Understanding this dynamic of supply and demand for skills to face the new business models, LinkedIn, Microsoft and GitHub formed an alliance to especially support people who were unemployed during the pandemic.

Through a series of learning routes, each one integrated with various courses, people can access this free training offer aligned with the most in-demand skills and positions . Subsequently, the platform offers certifications and job search tools, where the skills developed are required.

This is a comprehensive technology initiative that will be based on data and digital technology. It starts with job and skills data from the LinkedIn Economic Graph and provides free access to content on LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, and GitHub Learning Lab, combining it with Microsoft certifications and LinkedIn job search tools.

Those interested can access all these resources in one central location , which will be available online in four languages: English, French, German and Spanish.

According to LinkedIn, these are the ten jobs with the highest demand on the platform and for which it offers a “learning path”:

  1. Software developer
  2. Sales representative
  3. Project manager
  4. IT Administrator
  5. Customer Service Specialist
  6. Digital marketing
  7. IT Support / Technical Assistance
  8. Data analyst
  9. Financial analyst
  10. Graphic designer

In addition to the technical skills for each job position, the platform will complement the learning with the development of soft skills , collaborative tools and key elements for the job search process, how to function in a virtual job interview, for example.

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