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10 Goals You Should Achieve Before The Age Of 30 Years

As they put it, you spent time wasting your 20s, you will no doubt have it rough in your 30s and probably forever.

You will make mistake during your 20s, and no one will care because you are young.

But come 30s old, all eyes will be on you. This will be your unfair advantage.

Here are all goals you should have before you turn 30 years .

  1. Start saving more than you spend on a monthly basis
  2. Wake up early everyday
  3. Must have a side hustle
  4. Read 5 books every month
  5. Exercise for 1 hour every day
  6. Start investing
  7. Have your home / house
  8. Pay off credit cards
  9. Pay off student loans
  10. Become a millionaire

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