10 Great Quotes To Remember Late Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, one of the brightest minds in contemporary science, died on 14th, March 2018 at his home in Cambridge at 76 years of age.

10 great quotes to remember Stephen Hawking

The three sons of the scientist have issued to communiqué in which they say:

“We are deeply saddened by the death of our beloved father, he was a great scientist and an extraordinary man, whose work and legacy he will live for many years.” His bravery and persistence, and also his humor and brilliance inspired people from all over the world, we will always miss him “.

The term genius falls short to describe the trajectory of this scientist who revolutionized astrophysics and the conception we have of the universe.

We have compiled some of his most famous quotes. They are a series of thoughts, many of them loaded with depth, but others also marked by the fine sense of humor that he always displayed.

  1. “Wondering what was before the Big Bang is like asking what’s north of the North Pole.”
  2. “Humanity is so insignificant if we compare it with the Universe, that the fact of being a handicapped person does not have much cosmic importance”.
  3. “Since there is a law like gravity, the universe could create itself out of nothing, as it happened: spontaneous creation is the reason that there is something, instead of nothing, that the universe exists, We do not need to invoke God to light the fuse and put the universe into operation. “
  4. “Einstein was wrong saying that” God does not play says with the universe. “Considering the hypotheses of black holes, God not only plays says with the universe: sometimes I throw them where we can not see them.
  5.  “If the aliens visited us, the result would be very different from the arrival of Columbus in America, and we already know that it was not very good for the Native Americans.”
  6. “People who brag about their IQ are losers”
  7. “Every time I hear about that cat (Schrödinger’s), I start to draw my gun.”
  8. “I’ve noticed that even people say that everything is predestined and that we can not get anything to change our destiny, they still look before crossing the street.”
  9. “Quiet and silent people have the strongest and noisiest minds.”
  10. “Our power to harm or destroy the environment or our peers increases much faster than our wisdom in the use of that power.”



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