10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Mihadarati Rapper Stivo Simple Boy

Stivo Simple Boy, an upcoming rapper, first shot to news in 2019 around July when he released his anti-drug song ‘Mihadarati’.

His song, withing one month of publication, shot to a staggering of more than 0.5 million views on You Tube.

The song Mihadarati was first published in December 2017

Despite being an online sensation for the ‘pink media’, he was also a favorite of the mainstream media.

Here are some of the key interesting facts about Stivo Simple Boy

  1. Stivo Simple Boy is officially known as Steven Otieno born 29 years ago, 1990 in Kibera slums
  2. He is the second last born in a family of 8 kids, born from a very poor background
  3. He started singing way back in 2006 while in Kibera slums drawing inspiration from Tanzanian artiste and rapper turned politician Professor J.
  4. Stivo Simple Boy could be seen in Kibera slums surrounded by locals as they listened and enjoyed his live acapella on streets
  5.  In the year 2016, he also participated in the Kibera Music Competition organized by Kibera Town Center.
  6. The first song he ever recorded is called ‘Ukimwi’, back in 2015 then followed Ndoa, Ufisadi and the famous Mihadarati
  7. Since his popularity grew up, NACADA Director Vincent Muasya aka Chipukeezy promised him a job at the government led agency to fight against drug abuse
  8. Stivo in 2019, did not only receive social media attention but also mainstream media airtime and publications across the country
  9. He also caught the attention of Tanzanian singer Rayvanny from Wasafi Records, who suggested working together with him.
  10. Stivo has not declared his marriage status, but close reports suggested he was still unmarried

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