10 Jobs In Kenya You Likely To Be Sacked After 3 Months

Some jobs in Kenya are just hot seats with time bombs waiting to go off once you sit on them. It only takes  months before they go off.

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We feature some of the jobs in Kenya you will be sacked immediately after 3 months of working.

1.Sales and Marketing

This is a job yo paid according o he number of businesses you bring on the table. Whether you paid a retainer or not, after three months with not targets met you risk getting fired.

You job relies on your work output

2.General Manager

As a GM you are in charge of the running of the premises touched to you. If they are not matching with end result then you have not guarantee of the job after 3 months


Journalists such as presenters and those who are employed on contract are forced to fight for their jobs after three months of the usual evaluation.

During this time you are needed to be able to show your mighty or you lose the job

4.Political office

Getting employed to any office that is occupied by politicians your job always is at stake. ANyday you might wake up and find the job or the office missing in place


Money handlers are the most watched after employees. Any act of fraud or carelessness leads to a job loss immediately


Working with an NGO is usually a balanced thing on a fence. Either the NGO could be closed or your job might be at the stake always.

Working with foreigners is usually not easy since they do not easily adapt to your own cultures

7.Store Keepers

Those who manage stores with valuable often lose their jobs once they are not able to account for loses

8.Shop keepers

Shop keepers who try to defraud their owners also get fired immediately. It is a delicate jobs

9.Football coach

As a coach you given a small time to adapt and bring quick magical change, failure to which you get fired immediately

10. PR person

Communication and front office persons are always on the watch to make the first impression of the firm. If they fail they are also shown the door



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