10 Jobs With A Increasing Demand In 2023

Despite the many unknowns caused by a world in constant and rapid change, it is already possible to say that the immediate future of the labor market will be marked by highly qualified professionals and highly vertical skills.

A market in which new employees will have to keep up with advances in technologies such as artificial intelligence and industrial automation.

These are the jobs likely to be replaced more quickly by automation:

  1. Employees for data insertion
  2. Administrative and executive secretaries
  3. Accounting, management and payroll employees
  4. Accountants and auditors
  5. Workers on assembly and chain
  6. Managers of administration and business services
  7. Information and customer service agents
  8. General and operational managers
  9. Mechanical and machinery repairers
  10. Materials inventory and registration clerks

And here are the new roles for which increasing demand is expected:

  1. Data Scientists and Analysts
  2. Specialists in artificial intelligence and machine learning
  3. Big data specialists
  4. Marketing and digital strategy specialists
  5. Process automation specialists
  6. Business development professionals
  7. Digital transformation specialists
  8. Security analysts Information
  9. Software and application developers
  10. Internet of things specialists

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