10 Kenyan Bank Official Websites With Bursaries, Scholarships Posts

Are you looking to win an award of a , loan, bursary scholarship, grant or a funding for your scholarship in any form of scholarship by one of the banks in Kenya. We have their official websites which can help you trace or keep upto date their such educational funding

Image result for MPESA FOUNDATION .

The below links will directly take you to the bank’s open or existing scholarships

  1. http://equitygroupfoundation.com/
  2. https://www.nic-bank.com/ke/niccareers/
  3. https://www.sc.com/ke/sustainability/
  4. https://www.co-opbank.co.ke/info/co-op-bank-foundation
  5. https://kcbgroup.com/foundation/kcb-foundation-scholarships/
  6. https://kcbgroup.com/foundation/programs/scholarships/
  7. https://kcbgroup.com/foundation/programs/2jiajiri/
  8. https://www.oldnational.com/about/community/giving/foundation
  9. https://www.co-opbank.co.ke/info/co-op-bank-foundation
  10. http://www.m-pesafoundation.org/




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