10 Kenyan Celeb Couples Under 24 Years Old

Celebs in Kenya are known to couple past their 20s, with most of them getting rather engaged in thirties before they settle down with a wedding.

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But the below celebs, have shown as a clear cut difference, with some of them who are barely 20 years already settled down with kids and even even celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary before hitting 20 years.

Let’s get to know them better

Vanessa Kiuna 19 years

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She is married and wedded to her white man Robert who they already celebrated their first born first ever birthday.

Vanessa is the kid to famous Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna

Bahati Kenya 23 years

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Bahati has got a 5 year old kid, and recently he proposed to Diana Marua. The duo are headed forĀ  a mega wedding this year

Almasi 17 years

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Mchachari actor Almasi has been the talk of the town. He has had a private affair with his girl whom he is yet to disclose. But we gonna wish him all the best all though

Willy Paul 24 years

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Willy Paul, another hidden man of love, has not yet disclosed his girl, but as sure as the sun rises from the East to West. Willy Paul is in love with someone. His latest song with Alaine says it all.

Chipukeey And Vivian Kerry 24 years

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The duo got along about 2 years ago, Vinny Chipukeezy has been a front row man on Churchill with such electrocuting jokes. We wish him a happy wedding with Kerry as they plan their wedding



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