10 Kenyan Celeb Couples Who Handled Their Marriage Break Up Wisely

Marriage break ups are normally bitter and bad, anything that is supposed to go wrong at that moment, it surely does go to the worst level.

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But being composed and ready for such a personal disaster requires some rare wisdom and rare thoughts with never thought decision making process, which the following 10 celebs showed during their difficult moment of love line.

We can actually borrow a leaf from these 10 celebs, and be able to save our future marriage catastrophes suppose such scenes occur.

6.Size 8 and DJ Mo

Wether the reports were true or false, the manner in which they stood out was exemplary. And many young people deserve to stand out.

They went on prayer sessionand dedicated their fight for marriage to God, later own, their love is still safe

7.Lilian Muli Kanene

After a sudden change of her name from Lilian Muli Kanene to Lilian Muli. The she played an underground game.

Living so little for speculation and this helped her so much. It should me noted that people use so much of what you tell them to talk against yourself

8.Gloria Muliro and Pastor Omba

Gloria and Pst Omba were also involved in a marriage accident, theirs being so intense bearing in mind that they were a man and a woman of cloth.

Prayers and God’s guidance helped the two so much in seeking their divorce files.

9.Saumu Mbuvi

Ben and Saumu break up in a nasty way, but they stayed cool. Saumu was just pregnant and very expectant. What couples did was to shut up their social media.

Whether the two are still together is not yet known. But it remains clear that they could link up again when their differences fade out

10.Wilson Sossion

He had to sue a local newspaper which started the rumors that the two were seeking for a divorce few months after having a wedding.

Wilson never thought of him and his new love seeking a divorce, it was a good warning to him what marriage is all about!



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