10 Kenyan Celebs Expecting Babies In 2020

In 2018 and 2019, we had a click of female celebs giving birth either for the first , second time or even fifth time.

In 2020, it will be no different and if all goes well, it is going to rain babies in early 2020 .

Here is a list of Kenyan female celebs who are heavily expectant and waiting to have their babies in 2020.


2.Size 8

DJ MO aka Samwel Muraya and gospel songstress Size 8 (real name Linet Munyali Muraya)  are expecting their second born.

The big news were made public by Size 8 , in October 2019 ,who said that it came at a cost of frustrations and big disappointments from baby miscarriages


In 2018 November, Size 8 miscarried her baby, but she did not give up on trying.

Their first born, baby girl Ladasha Belle was born back in November 2015

Their second is expected in early or mid 2020

3.Diana Marua


Kenyan actress Kate aka Catherine Kamau is also expecting a kid in 2020.

She posted her huge baby bump on Instagram



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