10 Kenyan Celebs Flaunting Their Cleavages

Female celebs are one of the most sexy figures on screens and social media platforms.

It is no doubt, being sexy as a female artist or celeb, helps to sell off your talent with much ease. Kenyans have a tendency of making one more famous based on looks.

These girls are aware of this, so even when they are off the screen, they are still coordinating with their body appeals and flashing off their sexy organs, one of them – breasts.

Dressing up with crop tops that allows part of their breasts out is a common fashion trend better known as ‘cleavage fashion’

This kind of dressing, is straight from hellholes for men who don’t want to feat their eyes. It sends men to Armageddon leaving them clutching and groping on their photos like flies on human wastes .

This are sample photos of this common celebs with their cleavages out.

Nicah da Queen

Vera Sidika

DJ Pierra Makena

Molly- Nairobi Diaries

Size 8

Huddah Monroe

Damaris Matunda

Nyar Adhiambo

Sarah Hassan

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