10 Kenyan Celebs With Gorgeous Grown Up Children

You might have been unable to control your gasp when you saw their faces. Yes, and if you met them in person, you could not avoid breaking your neck to have a better view of them.

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It is simply because of their blessed looks. Not every good looking celebs have such stunning daughters and sons with beautiful faces to admire.

Here are a list of top 10 best looking and gorgeous kids, of of course also nice looking celebs.



  1. Wanjiru

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Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s son, an MP in Mathare North, Kariuki is likely good looking just like his dear mum.

His campaign posters offer something more for ladies. He is at times referred to us ‘handsome MP’

  1. Kabogo

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William Kabogo, after defeat in Kiambu county Jubilee nominations, has resurfaced. He boosts of this beautiful boy besides politics.

  1. Waititu

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The gubernatorial aspirant of Kiambu county, Baba Yao Waititu has a beautiful daughter known to few lads, last week, pictures of the lass appeared and all went frenzy about it.

  1. Sonko

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Mike Sonko’s daughter, Saumu Mbuvi has been another public figure in the eyes of several people. The daughter has caused chills especially when she had differences with her newly wed husband.

  1. Ruto

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DP William Ruto has a cute girl who is no longer a teenage but a big lass to get married. Credible romours have it that she is the head at Weston Hotel. A high end hotel in Nairobi

  1. Nyong’o

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Kisumu aspirant on ODM ticket Prof.Anyang Nyong’o’s daughter is a well-known figure t Kenya and entire world. Apart from winning an Oscar, Lupita is an actress and a model to boot.

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