10 Kenyan Female Celebs Who Are Muslims But Don’t Put On Hijab

According to the Muslim religion practice, it is a mandatory for their girls and women to cover their head with a clothe, popularly known as Hijab.

This practice, is believed to be a key pillar in fighting adulteries among women and men, stating that the first sin is when a man adores a woman’s look. Thus the hijab is used to hide the head and and partially cover the face as a means of preserving the woman from men who cannot control themselves over women.

In Kenya, a large number of Muslim women embrace the Hijab culture,but their is a number of them who do not observe the rule always.

Besides, their are popular celebs who are Muslims by faith but do not obey this Muslim law.

Have a look at them

Sara Hassan

Yasmin Said aka Maria of Citizen

Amina Abdi Rabar

Amina Mude

Tanasha Donna

Zari Hassan

Amber Ray

Amina Chao

Amina Andi

Sabrina Jamal

Zahra Moi

Huddah Monroe

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