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10 Kenyan Institutions Offering Business Funding In 2019

Do you have a business idea that is bigger than your current bank balance, there are good grants and funding for you in 2019.

Private and public institutions, NGO have teamed up to fight the huge rate of unemployment by making several business funds available.

What should you do?

Prepare a great business idea detailing your idea, a budget and the problem you seeking to solve in the society, then apply for the below listed business funds available in 2019 for upcoming young Kenyan entrepreneurs

To apply, click on the links below

1.US Embassy Nairobi funds


3.Cytonn Investment

4.Entrepreneurs Spot

6.Lion’s Den- KCB

7.KCB 2Jiajiri

8.Presidential Digitalent


10.Uwezo Youth Fund

11.Youth Enterprise Funds

All the best in your business proposals

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