10 Kenya’s Most Famous Celeb Impersonators

The line between conmen and impersonators is very fuzzy, because the two words usually mean obtaining certain favors by means of all manner of pretense

There are hundreds of cons who have infested in Kenya, and most of them are living in Nairobi.

Their usually target is money and sometimes power to protect their loot.

Here are some of the well known Kenyan celeb conmens living large with innocent Kenyans

1.Joseph Waswa

 News of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s impersonator Joseph Henry Waswa shocked the airwaves when it became clear that Waswa and seven other suspects , conned Sameer Africa chairman Naushad Merali Sh10 million cash money.

Even though he has been off the news lately, he is a common figure who mingles with prominent politicians and VIPs in Kenya.

2.Joshua Waiganjo

For five good years, Waiganjo lived as an assistant police commissioner .

Yet he was a junior police reservist.

He at one point provided security escort to senior government officials after an attack in Baragoi

3.Pastor Kanyari

Pastor Victor Kanyari, few years ago, conned many Kenyan christian believers of their cash in disguise of performing fake miracles.

An expose by then KTN reporter Mohammed Ali revealed that he was faking and rehearsing miracles.

At his benefit, he gained followers, who were required to pay only sh.310 to win miracles.

4.Brian Oduor

Former Nation FM presenter after getting sacked from the job, resorted to conning innocent job seekers in Kenya.

Brian rides on the fact that there is wide spread of unemployment, thus lures job seekers with fake claims of job connections to top media houses.

At job seekers expense, Brian demands facilitation fee for document such as Good Conduct, Medical and Media Card, which need to be paid with sh.1000 each.

He goes into hiding once payment has been made.

5.Fake ‘Doctor’ Mugo wa Wairimu

The fake doctor has been busted twice, operating a clinic and a chemist without proper documents.

He conducts illegal abortions, treatment and event going to an extend of raping patients after giving them anesthesia that renders them unconscious

6. Artur Margaryan and Artur Sargsyan

While in Kenya back in 2006, the Armenian brothers enjoyed VIP diplomatic escorts and even had illegal arms carrying them with ease.

They claimed that they had been  “appointed” as Deputy Commissioners of Police by that time before it became known that they were drug barons

7.Joseph Irungu aka Jowie

The key murder suspect to late Monica Kimani, is accused of masquerading as a top government VIP security official.

Anyone who knew him before his arrest was made to believe that he was part of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s security detail.

The lad generally lived and survived a fake lifestyle.

Jowie was also accused of ‘killing’ his relatives in bid to raise burial harambee cash.

8.Gilbert Deya

Between 1999 and 2004, the man of God, claimed that his wife had given birth to 13 kids, all without any sexual contact with his wife.

9.Prophet Owour

The self made prophet Owour, claimed to have raised a Kenyan eldly woman from death.

Shocking the woman later died when she stopped taking drugs and opted for ‘prayers’ only.

10.Daniel Komen

The 3000 world record holder Komen was charged in court for trying to pretend he could pay Kamotho Thomas cash 1.7 million for his car Suzuki escudo

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