10 Life Threatening Conditions For ‘X Box’ Gamers

Before, Kenyan varsity and college students used to compete to finish the assignments and class projects and move to the next level, today they are competing to finish the computer game level and move to another upgraded new level A recently published article by Journal of Medical Study found that one man developed a serious life threatening disease which could have led to loss of his dear life after reportedly playing games for eight hours in four straight days.

10 Life Threatening Conditions For ‘X Box’ Gamers
10 Life Threatening Conditions For ‘X Box’ Gamers

Doctors found that he was just a mileage away from meeting his creator when the unidentified man visited the health facility for help after suspecting some unusual symptoms on his body.

Today in the Kenyan youth , computer games are the best thing for them to boot.

The following are the most likely condition that will befall on those who won’t heed the doctors’ advice to reduce their gaming time and embark on serious lifeline projects.

  1. Playstation Thumb which is characterized by numbness, blisters and tingling on the fingers to any one who uses the D-Pad
  2. X-boxitis, Wiiitis and Nintenditis – this is caused by injuries caused on tendons after a long exposure to long hours of gaming leading to over-stretching and exhaustion of the nerve tendons. Doctors warn that this can be catastrophic if not diagnosed early enough.
  3. Seizures – though it is rare, it is believed that games could lead to stimulation of such diseases like epilepsy over a long period of time due to the exposure to regular patterns, bold, regular moving patterns and flash lights
  4. Addiction which will cause obesity or loss of weight, disrupted sleeps, poor hygiene and poor social interaction.
  5. Aggressive behavior on Mental problems could be a result of long exposure to video games. This could lead to anger, anxiety, over reaction to social matters
  6. Tentris Effect or game transfer effect that results into the gamer visualizing the games into the real life situation and even in the dreams
  7. Visual problems leading to long exposure of your eyes on the computer. This could lead to future eye problem diagnosis
  8. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome caused by repeatedly squeezing the main nerve between the forearm and the hand caused by overuse of mouse.
  9. Migraines brought to by throbbing continuously of one part of the head which can lead to nausea and vomiting. These can lead to several long pains
  10. Death, this is where the game will be literary over, and probably move to the next level of life after death if those symptoms are not treated or prevented.

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