10 Moments You Are Supposed To Keep Your Mouth Shut

Knowing when to speak and remain silent is one of the greatest virtue we can all have on earth.

Wisdom says that those who speak learn less compared to those who remain silent. This is because they remain on the process of learning new things every moment.

To have and carry wisdom, here are 10 moments you should be silent

  1. Be silent in the heart of anger
  2. Be silent when you don’t have all the facts
  3. Be silent if your words will offend a weaker person
  4. Be silent if your words will be ashamed later
  5. Be silent if your words would convey the wrong impression
  6. Be silent if your words damage a friendship
  7. Be silent when you are feeling critical
  8. Be silent if you can’t say it without screaming
  9. Be silent when it is time to listen
  10. A meaning full silence is always better than a meaningful words



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