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10 Most Beautiful Female Billionaires In Kenya

Fame, beauty and fame- these ladies have it all.

Some of the women made the billions on their own, while others inherited and expanded the family fortunes. Read to find out how these remarkable cute women in Kenya became billionaires.

Jane Wangui

She is valued at 3.7 billion worth.

She owns shares worth the same amount in Equity Holdings Group and Britam Insurance firm

Lawyer Jane Wanjiru Michuki

She is former wife to John Michuki, former Minister for Transport.

According to Nairobi Stock Exchange, her business topped the list at 1.2 billions ranking her the richest woman in Kenya.

Jane Michuki has massive shares in Equity Holdings Group and Britam Insurance firm.

Leah Wanjiku Muguku

She is wife to late business magnet Nelson Muguku.

She has stakes in Equity Bank Holdings worth 1.6 billions

Amarjeet Patel

The Asiatic woman is valued at 1.2 million holding a stake of same amount in Carbacid.

Lucy Mwiti and Faith Mwikali

The two salient but silent 10 digit mortals were listed by KRA as one of the top rich tax payers on a billion note.

According to KRA, Lucy and Faith are paying Tax rather as very rich billionaires

Catherine Nyongesa

A doctor in oncology, earns a monthly salary of Ksh.870,000.

When KRA listed billionaires tax payers, her name featured in the list. Her first salary was a mere 12,000 after school.

Today she is the owner of Texas Cancer Centre which she opened in 2010 in response to a gap in East Africa

Zipporah Gathuya

According to KRA, the top paying medical jobs include Cardiologists, orthopaedic surgeons, paediatricians and plastic surgeons.

Dr. Gathuya is an anaesthetist with a top figure salary. She was listed by KRA as a billion shillings tax payer.

Hellen Nyambura Kariuki

Just like her fellow doctors, Hellen is also a billionaire woman who is now reaping big from her toil.

Ngina Kenyatta

Wife to President Uhuru Kenyatta is also a billionaire to boot.

She was once ranked at position 20 across Africa among the richest women in the continent.

Former First Lady Ngina Kenyatta wealth came from inheriting the wealth of late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta left behind.

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