10 Notorious People That Make Nairobi A Living Hell City

We can all attest to dealing with annoying people in our every day lives and encounters in Nairobi.

Here are kinds of people in Nairobi that literally drain the life out of you!

1. Uncouth Touts

You know those thirsty touts that disturb anything with a set of tits on their chests when they pass by near the stage? And the ones that grab your hands forcing you to enter the matatu? Even worse, when some of them are collecting money along the aisle of the bus, the stench emanating from their bodies is unfathomable…



2. Gor Mahia Fans

Dear Gor Mahia fans, did you know that you can cheer for your team without behaving like a bunch of delinquent frat boys? Bringing Nairobi town to a stand still and causing chaos by harassing motorists and civilians is totally uncalled for and pretty uncouth!



3. Politicians that spread hate speech…



4. Voice overs by …

Peter Marangi and Professor Bamba…sigh. The adverts are repeated too many times that you can’t stand hearing them anymore! Like…”Just shut up already!”


5. Drunkards in a matatu

If you have ever had to seat next to a drunkard in a matatu, you know how annoying that experience is. If they aren’t trying to touch you, they are dozing off on you or just won’t stop arguing about the bus fare or arguing loudly with their fellow drunk friends!



6. People suffering from halitosis

Is it just me or a certain percentage of Nairobians have a serious problem of bad breath? You cannot go a day without a stranger talking to you and the stench from their mouth reminds you of Muthurwa…even worse, these guys always seem to have never ending stories.



7. Rude Guards

The kind that take offence at being called a ‘watchman or watchie’ and prefer to be addressed as ‘soldier’; they will either refuse to give you a parking space or tell you that you can’t access the building or some petty stuff and ruin your day for no apparent reason. A case of inferiority complex if you ask me…



8. Kenya Police

I’d rather listen to Jimmy Gait’s Hello cover all day (which is extremely ear deafening and atrocious) than have to deal with Kenya Police.



9. ‘Street families’ that use kids to beg

We get that they need to survive but damn! The begging from the street kids is a little too much…’auntie smart saidia?‘ by the time you’re at the end of Moi Avenue, you’re out of coins…


10. Bus preachers

Why can’t these guys just start a church or preach under a tree? People should be respectful of the fact that not everyone that uses public transport is a staunch christian.




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