10 Photos Showing Obado And Wife Marriage Was Sweet Before Sharon’s Miseries

Migori County governor who is closely linked with the death of late Sharon Otieno tried to prove that there was no animosity between him and Sharon before death.

Infact, the governor confessed to investigating police in Kisumu that indeed he was engaged to late Sharon but did not confirm whether the baby was his.

As he showed off his text messages to detectives, he remained confident that their relationship was romantic until her death.

Messages obtained by police from Sharon’s conversation with Okoth Obado indicated that she wanted a house in Nairobi, even though the governor was planning to settle her down in Migori county of high cost of housing in Nairobi.

The messages also said that the two disagreed on where to have their house, with Sharon remaining adamant to be relocated to Nairobi.

Besides, they were also planing to travel, buy personal items for Sharon, meet at luxury joints and also looking into the affairs of the unborn baby.

Police also say they will investigate Okoth Obado’s wife and son after they were told that governor had shared his messages with Sharon to them.

Obado came first to public on Tuesday to declare his innocence in the heinous murder.

“As a law-abiding citizen, I want to state here very clearly and categorically that I have nothing, and absolutely nothing, to do with the cruel death of Sharon,” he told journalists

“I want to urge all our government agencies mandated with investigations to speed up their work so that the killers are brought to book as fast as possible.” he added.

10 Photos Showing Obado And Wife Hellen Marriage Was Sweet Before Sharon Woes

County Function

After winning petition

County pro-active games

Petition hiring

Receiving first lady

Local county function

Church fund raising

Local gathering

Election petition hearing

In Migori county function



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