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10 Qualities Of A Good Intern

On the other hand, this is an excellent opportunity to experience the business world first-hand. Most trainees will try to show what they have to offer, with a view to staying at the company later.

Even if that doesn’t happen, they should try to do their best, after all it is of the utmost importance to keep in touch with what lies ahead. Thus, we note the qualities of a good intern:

Reach an agreement and comply

It is of great importance, both for the trainee and for the employer, that the hours allocated to work are agreed. As well as your breaks, lunch time and breaks. This is the first rule to be followed by the good intern.

Training VS Work

The time you will be interning is a moment of learning. In this context it is necessary to realize that despite the dedication, some failures can happen. Take them on when they happen and view them as a learning process.

Maintain a proactive and dynamic attitude

Although certain tasks have been delegated to the trainee, it is important to know how to relate other aspects that will contribute to a better performance of the task. Don’t be afraid to be bold if you think that somehow a new idea can improve the performance of a task.

Contribute to the development of the company

Wear the company shirt. It may even be a short-term internship, but always work with the intention of improving the company as a whole. This involvement with the causes of your work will allow you to maintain the affection necessary for the development of the major goals of a given organization.

Cultivate good relationships with other team members and bosses

Empathy is the key to success, wherever you are. Be a good listener and good-humored, even in situations of greater stress. Try to be that person you are good to work with, because you always have a friendly word to give.

Guard against abusive situations

We have all heard that interns are sometimes subjected to large amounts of work and that they are often victims of abuse. Be the first person to defend yourself from these types of situations even before they happen. The best way will be to stipulate the schedules and the load of daily tasks. However, it is also good to be prepared for the level of effort you will have to make in the transition between study and work. Consistently accept this new phase of life.

Flexibility in task performance

He is doing an internship in the design department, but an important text from the advertising department remains to be finished. Take the job, even if it is a little out of your area of ​​study. In the end, you will have learned something more in areas that are often interdisciplinary. In addition, your boss will know that you can count on a professional with diverse interests and abilities.

Resilience in the face of challenges

As an intern, starting to enter the world of work, you will face numerous new challenges. The best attitude towards them, even when they slip into a problem with their boss, will be to learn from the mistake and not make it again. Never be discouraged by your own shortcomings.

Creativity in solving problems (even when they don’t concern you)

Certainly, work-related problems will arise: a report that did not go well, discussions on how to improve a product, meetings that could end some disagreement … Problems will arise and are part of teamwork. If someone talks to you about a situation, try to come up with a resolution, even if it doesn’t concern you. Obviously, be relevant in your words.

Learning to change a point of view in the face of new information

In the internship environment you will be confronted with new ideas, some of which may go against what you have acquired and right over time. Be flexible when acquiring information and continue to learn, to make the best of situations to grow.

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